West Virginia Day

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It’s West Virginia’s 155th birthday! Do you know what that means?

No, we won’t list 155 reasons why West Virginia is wild and wonderful, but we will share with you a few of our favorite things!

1. West Virginia does autumn better than anywhere else on the planet

  • As a West Virginian, the mountains become part of your blood. During the fall season, the mountains ignite into a million colors! You will be absolutely stunned by West Virginia’s fall beauty (or really any season!).

2. Two words: Pepperoni Rolls

  • Pepperoni rolls are one of the first things a true West Virginian will miss when they’ve been gone from home too long.
    Of course, don’t confuse it with stromboli. The two look similar, but this region-specific treat is a loaf of soft, white bread with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese folded in between. It’s beyond craveable. It will change your life the minute you try it, trust me.

3. We gave the world Don Knotts!

  • Barney Fife couldn’t have been portrayed by anyone else. Don Knotts was born in Morgantown, WV!

4. College football

  • Since we don’t have any professional sports teams to love, we give all of our support to our college sports teams!

5. Our mountains are simply amazing

  • If there’s one thing about West Virginia that you will instantly notice, it’s the beauty of our mountains. No matter what the season is, West Virginia’s mountains will always be home.

6. We graced this planet with Tudor’s Biscuit World!

  • This amazing home-style restaurant started in Nitro, WV, and trust me, you will never regret going to Tudor’s.

7. We LOVE adventure

  • Are you an adventurous person? Does the sound of dirt bike racing, kayaking, rafting, swimming, hiking, etc, get your heart racing? West Virginia offers all that plus more!

8. Don’t forget Austin’s Homemade Ice cream

  • You may not believe that WV would be known for it’s ice cream, but Austin’s Homemade Ice cream in Ceredo is some of the best the region has to offer! One delicious bite of the homemade ice cream and crunchy waffle cone will make you rethink all you know about “America’s best ice cream”.

9. West Virginia does bluegrass better than anywhere else

  • Forget everything you know about bluegrass. West Virginia is where bluegrass really started – especially with all the banjos and fiddles and dulcimers! These instruments are part of this Appalachian state, which is why bluegrass encompasses the sweet sound of West Virginia like no other musical genre.

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