Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is a popular food when it comes to putting together natural remedies. It has a number of health-friendly properties and nutrients that make it an excellent choice when you want to improve your health. There are many health benefits associated with honey that you should know about. This will help to encourage you to incorporate honey into your regular diet, so that you can get the most of the health benefits!

  1. Improves Digestion
    – Millions of Americans experience things like nausea and constipation and these can cause significant discomfort. Honey can help to keep your digestive tract working properly due to its antimicrobial properties. This helps to keep the bad bacteria under control while allowing the healthy bacteria to flourish. Add a little honey to the foods you eat each day to reap the benefits!
  2. Lessens Muscle Fatigue
    – Many athletes say that muscle fatigue is something that hinders their performance and they are often looking for something that can help to reduce it. Honey is a simple solution to improve your muscle fatigue as well as your endurance levels. This is because honey contains a combination of fructose and glucose! Glucose is a type of fuel that your body absorbs instantly while fructose is absorbed over time. This allows for both acute and sustained energy throughout your athletic performance!

  3. Boosts Energy
    – Honey contains a variety of natural sugars that help to boost your energy and give you a surge in fuel via calories. When you feel your energy starting to get low, have a cup of tea with a little honey in it to gently increase your energy level. Honey is also a great choice if you typically crave sweet foods when you start to feel tired! Honey will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a boost of energy simultaneously!

  4. Helps Lose Weight
    – Honey can help lose weight due to the minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that it contains. They work together to help with your body’s cholesterol metabolism and ability to burn fat. Make a glass of water at lukewarm temperature and add a little lemon juice and honey to it. Stir this well and make sure to drink as soon as you wake up because it promotes weight loss and helps to flush toxins and waste from your body.

  5. Regulates Blood Sugar
    – Keeping your blood sugar balanced is important for everyone and, if you are diabetic, you know what it is like to want a sweet treat, but not be able to enjoy it. Honey is sweet, but it will not cause a spike in your blood sugar. In fact, it actually helps with blood sugar regulation so that you can maintain sustained glucose levels throughout the day. This is due to honey having a low glycemic index. Use it as a sweetener to keep your blood sugar levels in check!

  6. Suppresses Coughs
    – Have you ever had a coughing fit that just wouldn’t stop? Honey works as a natural cough suppressant, meaning that it works to stop a cough similar to how a store bought cough syrup works. Honey also has potent antibacterial properties which help kill bacteria that can lead to an infection in the throat such as strep throat. It also helps to coat the throat working to alleviate soreness.

  7. Heals Cuts
    – Minor cuts and wounds are something everyone experiences and you want to make sure that these heal quickly and do not get infected. Honey has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. This means that it works like a topical antibacterial cream when you apply honey directly to the minor wound. In addition to preventing infection, it also works to reduce pain, lessen pus and odor, and help to promote a faster recovery so that your cut heals quickly and has a lesser chance of scarring.

  8. Heals Burns
    – Minor burns are something you want to protect to minimize scarring and prevent infection. Honey has both anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that aid in preventing infection and promote the healing process. When you apply honey to a minor burn, it helps to alleviate some of the itching and burning sensation which helps alleviate discomfort. You will put the honey directly on the burn to aid in the healing process.

  9. Improves Skin
    – Keeping your skin young and healthy is important and honey can aid you in this process. Honey has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties to prevent problems like pimples. You can apply honey directly to your skin to reap these benefits. Put it on before you go to bed at night so that it has several hours to really absorb into your skin. Honey will alleviate dryness and inflammation helping to combat a number of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

We have a few honey products in our store, but one of the most popular brands is the Savannah Bee Company! Come in and grab some honey so you can reap the benefits it gives!

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1 thought on “Health Benefits of Honey

  1. I find it very interesting that honey is great for boosting energy due to the natural sugars it contains. My husband is often very tired and groggy in the morning before he goes to work. I will have to buy some high-quality honey that he can add to his morning breakfast so he’ll have more energy.


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